Enjoyable full fairing.

The first fully faired sportsbike from Benelli since the legendary Tornado 1130 promises an engaging and enthralling riding experience, along with the stereotypical good looks expected from the historic Pesaro firm.
The 302R is powered by a 300cc, liquid-cooled vertical twin that shares much of its design and componentry with the advanced and powerful 600cc inline-four found in our BN 600 machines. It develops 36 horsepower, and routes that power through a 6-speed gearbox that delivers a smooth change every time. The 302R features a Benelli trademark trestle frame, able to guarantee maximum maneuverability in all conditions. The good news is that it’s eminently affordable!
302R​: Enjoyable full fairing.
  • Zdvihový objem 300 c.c.
  • Výkon 28 kW (38 Cv) @ 10000 rpm
  • Objem nádrže 14 lt



Competitive price and smaller displacement are not a limit but a big opportunity for 302R: thanks to a dinamic and fashinating design and thanks to Benelli DNA, this bike looks like a high-end sportbike.


Offering a compliant ride and perfect wheel control, the 302R’s upside down fork and monoshock rear-suspension system with adjustable preload are calibrated to work in harmony in a wide range of road-surface conditions.


The feeling with 302R is very good thanks to a rigid frame – a steel-tube trellis design that links the steering head and swingarm pivot directly. Chassis geometry offers agile steering and high straight-line stability in all conditions.


The 302R power unit is the DOHC Benelli engine: 300cc liquid-cooled four-stroke vertical twin featuring 4-valve technology, double-overhead camshafts, and a 6-speed transmission. Output is 38 horsepower at 10.000 rpm.





2257 mm
Výška bez zrcátek
1146 mm
Výška sedadla řidiče
785 mm
  • Šířka bez zrcátek 746 mm
  • Světlá výška 165 mm
  • Pohotovostní hmotnost 190 kg
  • Hmotnost včetně provozních kapalin Není známo
  • Maximální přípustná váha Není známo
  • Objem nádrže 14 lt
  • Rezerva 1.4 lt
  • Rozvor 1410 mm

*Benelli QJ reserves the right to change technical specification, equipment, set up and colors without prior notice.


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