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Double Soul, Pure Benelli.

The new BN 302 is built with passion for riders of all kinds, from beginners to the experienced, who want to embrace smaller two wheel motoring at its purest form.Stylish and aggressive looking, with BN 302 you can get exciting aesthetics, agile handling and spirited engine performance!
The BN 302 rewards its rider with Benelli suspension, exceptional clutch control, growling four valve DOHC inline two cylinder engine and comfortable ergonomic layout for a superb ride and confidence-inspiring handling. The easy to ride character and confident braking, makes this the perfect bike for a daily commute, zipping through the city and out of town touring.
Stylish. Fun. Fast. That’s the BN 302!
  • Zdvihový objem 300 c.c.
  • Výkon 28 kW (38 Cv) @ 11000 rpm
  • Objem nádrže 16 lt



A beautifully designed steel trellis frame, along with a similarly constructed swingarm, gives the BN 302 a high degree of chassis rigidity – which helps is handle like bigger motorcycle.


The BN 302’s 300cc, liquid-cooled vertical twin-cylinder engine is advanced, and shares much of its design with the potent 600cc inline-four engine from Benelli’s BN 600 range.


With its narrow waist, plush saddle, roomy ergonomics and wide handlebar, the BN 302 is all-day comfortable. A smooth vertical twin engine helps keep riders smiling, day after day.


Multi-adjustable suspension – an inverted fork up front and a single monoshock in back – ensures that ride quality over even the worst surfaces remains plush and consistent.





2130 mm
Výška bez zrcátek
1120 mm
Výška sedadla řidiče
795 mm
  • Šířka bez zrcátek 800 mm
  • Světlá výška 175 mm
  • Pohotovostní hmotnost 185 kg
  • Hmotnost včetně provozních kapalin Není známo
  • Maximální přípustná váha Není známo
  • Objem nádrže 16 lt
  • Rezerva 3 lt
  • Rozvor 1410 mm

*Benelli QJ reserves the right to change technical specification, equipment, set up and colors without prior notice.


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