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Free yourself

The BN 251 plays tribute to the same motorcycles customers enjoyed in the past, by offering a lightweight sporty 250 cc naked bike at great value. Styled like its big brother range, it is the perfect entry level motorcycle, delivering excellent fuel economy, agile performance and easy to ride character.
The BN 251 is powered by a lightweight and spirited liquid-cooled single cylinder, four-stroke DOHC Benelli engine displacing 249cc and utilizing 4-valve technology and dual overhead camshafts for a maximum power of 25 hp (18,5 kW) at 9000 rpm and 21,5 Nm (2,2 kgm) @ 7500 rpm.
The steel-tube lattice frame helps give the BN 251 secure and agile handling. The suspension is also over engineered with an up-side down ø 41mm front fork and on the rear swing arm, a centrally located shock absorber takes care of irregular road surfaces.
BN251: Free yourself!
  • Zdvihový objem 249,2 c.c.
  • Výkon 19 kW (25,8 Cv) @ 9250 rpm
  • Objem nádrže 17,0 lt



Our vertical, four-stroke single-cylinder engine it is perfect for the dynamic BN 251. 4-valve technology ensures the engine has plenty of motivation for beginners and veterans alike.


The BN 251 features a steel-tube lattice frame that incorporates the engine as a stress member, further adding to the rigidity of the chassis. It means good handling, maneuverability and confidence-inspiring handling.


Just like our bigger machines, the BN 251 features state-of-the-art styling, with stylish bodywork, machined and/or cast-alloy parts, and a look that grabs attention. You will love being seen on this one.


The BN 251’s seat/peg/bar relationship is optimized for a roomy and comfortable seating position, which helps make around-town runs – and longer trips – a relaxing position.





2080 mm
Výška bez zrcátek
1125 mm
Výška sedadla řidiče
795 mm
  • Šířka bez zrcátek 810 mm
  • Světlá výška 140 mm
  • Pohotovostní hmotnost 145 kg
  • Hmotnost včetně provozních kapalin Není známo
  • Maximální přípustná váha Není známo
  • Objem nádrže 17,0 lt
  • Rezerva 3,5 lt
  • Rozvor 1400 mm

*Benelli QJ reserves the right to change technical specification, equipment, set up and colors without prior notice.


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